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I hate my ex husband!
Even more!
More of the story!
Even more!

More of the same!

According to him, I'm a game playing c*&t who slept with everyone but him ..   Oh well, to each their own opinion.  I'm just trying to straighten out the facts! lol. In all reality, I did sleep with another man and yes, we were married, but it was after he had already moved out and I was telling him I wanted a divorce.


Here is the email from him saying that he wouldn't mind being with another guy.  Just a little bit of proof!
Notice he's all ready to hook up with these people and he doesn't even know who they are or what they look like!  This is from ONE email sent to him and he is already ready to have sex with 2 people he doesn't even know!

This is for all the girls who cannot stand their ex-husbands!