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I hate my ex husband!
More of the story!
More of the story!
Even more!

More of the lies he has spread!

When he moved out, he moved straight in with mommy.  (Which is where he lived when I met him, should have been a clue to me of what a loser he is).  Since he lived in town, I was left with taking care of his horse.  I spent over $400 during that next year that I kept him on feed, hay, vet and shoeing.  One weekend while I was gone out of state, he came and got the horse.  When I called him, I told him he owed me money (which he had been aware of all throughout the year, because I kept him informed) and if he didn't pay me the money he owed me, he just needed to bring the horse back until he could come up with the money.  Instead he ignored me and he still owes me the money.
His side of the story:  I tried to steal his horse. 
About 4 months after our divorce, since we were trying to sell the house we had bought and the mortgage was still in both of our names (and we were still on good terms at this time), we still had a joint checking account.  (in retrospect that was a horrible idea).  I would deposit my entire check in the account to pay the mortgage with and throughout the month I would take the rest of my money out for gas, groceries, etc.  Each time I would take money out, if I was close to his house and he was at work, I would leave a note saying how much I took out or I would call him after he got home to tell him.  He began trying to write checks for his personal use with my money, so I withdrew all I had left and opened my own account.  According to him, I stole his money.  He talked to an attorney even to try to have me arrested.  I know the attorney he talked to and the guy laughed in his face because my name was still on the checking account, thus I had not stolen my own money, I had merely withdrawn what was mine.

I had to file a claim on the house insurance because someone had stolen my horse trailer, a boat motor, and a wood splitter.  So when I called my insurance company, they said that since the house insurance was still in both of our names, they would have to cut the check with both of our names on it.  They knew we had gotten divorced and asked if he had any personal effects still on the property.  I told them no, he had removed them all.  So they put the insurance in my name (which would take effect AFTER the claim because the date of the claim was before the date of the change) because if something happened to the house, the mortgage would still be paid off and since everything in the house was mine, it would be issued to me and not the both of us.  Here's where it gets funny and demonstrates how stupid he is.  I got the check and had to pay him a visit to have him sign his name.  He wouldn't sign his name because he didn't want his name on the check because it wasn't his stuff.  I told him the same as I just said about the date of the loss and the date of the change but now the insurance has been changed and he could call them and verify.  So he finally signed it after about an hour of explaining it to him.  THEN, he calls my mom (yes, calls MY MOM) and tells her he thinks I'm going to burn the house down because I took his name off of the insurance.  (I had already relayed to her the entire story & she told him to get lost)  WHAT AN IDIOT!
Another one...  According to him I never gave him sex.   That is not true!  I used to wake up in the middle of the night and feel the bed shaking.. I would turn my head and he would be jacking off in bed with me right next to him!!!  Can you believe that?!?!  I used to ask and question why he never wanted to have sex with me, but would always rather jack off.  He would always say it's because I was never home (yea right) or he didn't want to bother me.. (yea right again).  One time I went on a business trip and came home to find shit (yes, shit) on my pillow and upon further investigation I found shit on my vibrator too.  Yes... he had been boning himself in the ass with my vibrator while I was gone. 
Needless to say, I'm sure there are plenty of men who like a little prostate rub, but I started paying more attention.  I started to notice the way he joked with other guys, like my best friends' husbands.  He would joke about the size of their dicks.  Now I always just wrote this off as his lame attempt at male bonding, but now I wasn't so sure.  He once brought me home a couple of Playgirls (which I had never read before and didn't even ask for) and also a couple of GAY MEN'S MAGAZINES.  All under the guise of being for me.  Hmmm.. since when did I ask for magazines with guys showing their assholes off?
So, back to present day times.  I never conducted much more investigation while we were married, but my friends and I did recently.  We found solid evidence that he either wants to be with a man, or maybe even has already been with a man.   Not that there is a damn thing wrong with gay men, it's just kind of weird that I didn't put all the pieces together until now.  Also, he is desparate to keep it a secret from people in town.. So I'm letting it all out in the open now!  Look on the next page for a copy of the email he sent to a friend of mine posing as someone else!

This is for all the girls who cannot stand their ex-husbands!